About Exhale Gym

Exhale Gym is a pure weight lifting gym and here you find a lot of free weights and carefully selected equipment including Hammer Strength, Eleiko and Precor. Everyone is welcome here and among our members you’ll find a wide range from professional bodybuilders to regular exercisers – in all shapes and ages. Except for the best equipment the gym offers a very inspiring atmosphere – hard training is in the walls! The gym has been around for over 25 years but the name Exhale Gym it got in 2004.

Since November 2011 Exhale Gym is run by Boris Kleine and his wife Julia. Boris is originally from German but moved to Sweden in 2009. He has experience from the past in running gyms and during several years he was a successful competitor in the bodybuilding scene in Europe,

During the summer of 2013 almost the whole machine park at Exhale Gym was replaced with Hammer Strength plate loaded. The focus has always been and will always be to create a gym with best conditions for bodybuilding and with this in mind regular improvements are made.

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